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link building services

Smart Growth helps businesses launch link building campaigns by writing awesome stories to our global network of publishers, with reference to your content. Our white-hat link building service provides a critical process that puts your business above your competitors on Google.

Search engines like Google actively crawl data, discover pages and use links to determine the popularity of a page. Links remain a significant factor when it comes to analyzing a website’s popularity based on the number and authority of pages linking to it, along with other relevant metrics.

Starting a link building campaign will actively increase the number of links to your website. By using assets belonging to your website, we will earn you valuable links with the goal of achieving your marketing objectives.

“Never Focus on Building Backlinks, Focus on Earning Backlinks.” – Naveen Kumar

Network of Publications

business insider
tech radar
the verge

Link Building Campaign

Content Creation

We write and pitch awesome stories that get picked up by quality publications, with relevant links to your own content.

Editorial Links

We provide highly relevant and contextual links and references within the body of the content, giving your links greater value.

Quality Publications

Leverage on our established relationships with quality publications. We do not build links on blog networks or other schemes, only with authoritative and legitimate publications.

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Identifying Content

Our team will identify exceptional content hosted on your website that is useful for reference. These content could include in-depth blog articles, industry long-form content, infographics, statistics or eBooks.

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Matching Publishers

With our established network of international publishers, we will identify those that align with your campaign goals. You will get to select the publishers you prefer based on their industry niche and authority.

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Pitching your Story

Our team of creative writers will develop industry-related ideas for articles to pitch to the editors of the publishers of your choice. We work closely with our editorial counterparts to pitch the perfect story for your chosen publisher.

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Getting Published

Our editorial team will produce and deliver great content to the publisher of your choice while referencing your content to add value to the story. You earn strong, legitimate editorial links this way that would benefit your site authority.

Campaign Features

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Natural Anchor Texts

We insert real, journalistic anchor texts that seem natural to Google, and avoid using exact-match keyword anchor texts that trigger Google’s spam penalty. We emphasise variability as an important aspect of link building – a strategy that cites natural sources by including relevant, targeted anchor texts to provide the best value.

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Progress Reporting

We track the status of all links in a spreadsheet to allow our clients to have a quick overview of the progress of their link building campaign. Our reporting will include weekly updated statuses of pitches, links and publication approval.

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Long-term Link Building

Link Building Packages

Our long-term link building packages are designed to elevate your website’s organic traffic in the long run. By creating a mutually beneficially business relationship with your company, we will be able to craft quality in-content editorial backlinks to the pages of your choice in quality publications. This is done with the aim of improving your website’s authority over time, which will give your marketing efforts a tremendous boost. A consistent and active link profile will ensure that your business will eventually emerge a strong leader in the SERPs for your relevant niche.

Our Long-term Link Building Packages are based on either 6 or 12 month agreements and include link types of authority of your choice.


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